Ella, [26.08.21 11:02]
Please welcome Azure from CosmicSwap everyone!🤘

DON PETER ( I Will Never Msg You For Asking Funds ), [26.08.21 11:02]
Welcome mr.Azure for twinci community

DON PETER ( I Will Never Msg You For Asking Funds ), [26.08.21 11:02]

Azure, [26.08.21 11:03]
Hi, thank you guys for…

Welcome everyone to our AMA with MahaDao

steven enamakel — mahadao.com — no ETH — wont PM you first:
hey guys! 😄

I’m joined with @enamakel, the founder of MahaDao

How are you doing today?

steven enamakel — mahadao.com — no ETH — wont PM you first:
yes …

CosmicSwap Integrates with MahaDao

We have Integrated with Mahadao to bring new and exciting benefits for our each others community

MahaDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that is governed by the MAHA community. …

Our previous announcement stated our intent to integrate Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) as part of our CosmicSwap random drawing system. We’re excited to announce that the integration is now live on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) mainnet, enabling us to use the random function, by generating four random numbers for…

CosmicSwap is partnering with RetroDefi to bring our investors new farms on our BSC app.

What is RetroDefi?
The Retro Defi Team is committed to supporting the core idea of DEFI, providing their users with an easy way to automatically grow their yields over time. Through RETRO automated compounding, everyone will…

The CosmicSwap team is pleased to announce a partnership with DFYN.

The team has been hard at work behind the scenes since our launch on the polygon network a couple of days ago.

What is DFYN?
DFYN is a multi-chain DEX that allows investors to trade assets across multiple chains.

CosmicSwap is happy to announce our collaboration with PolyDoge on the Polygon Network

What is PolyDoge?
PolyDoge is the first Dog token to launch on the Polygon Network. Here are some stats about PolyDoge:

  • Total supply is 1000000000000000 PolyDoge. No more can be minted.
  • At the start, 13.1907% of the…

Below you will find a transcript of the AMA between CosmicSwap and IronFinance that took place on the 10th of June.

Azure, 19:01
Alright so we’re ready to start, you’re not muted, we’re hosting the AMA with @IronFinance

Azure, 19:01
Welcome @bluestar1509 How are you doing

ironstar, 19:02
hi guys, cool…

The Polygon presale is coming closer by the minute. The presale is set for the 14th of June at 6pm UTC. The presale contract address will be released 24 hours before the go live time. Our last presale on the BSC sold out in 3 minutes so you will want…

In line with our roadmap, (found here: https://docs.cosmicswap.finance/development-roadmap/roadmap) CosmicSwap are now partnered with Iron Finance in preparation for the launch of CosmicSwap on the Polygon Network.

What is IronFinance?
IronFinance are a platform that provide a partially collateralized stablecoin on the Polygon network. …


The Galaxy of Yield Farming.

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