CosmicSwap on the moon with MahaDao

We have Integrated with Mahadao to bring new and exciting benefits for our each others community

MahaDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that is governed by the MAHA community. The MAHA token holders are at the helm of all decision making and play a central role in fulfilling MahaDAO’s true potential.

MAHA, as the name signifies, refers to a supreme, magnanimous, greater than itself characteristic, which the MAHA governance token embodies. Community members use MAHA to vote on key aspects of the ecosystem in order to collectively manage the parameters that keep ARTH stable and in check. In short, MahaDAO is guided by the MAHA holders, who determine the various activities and updates within the ARTH ecosystem.
The primary responsibility of all MAHA token holders is to ensure the stability of the ARTH valuecoin.

ARTH is the world’s first valuecoin. Every time users stake their volatile collaterals in a CDP, they generate more value stable ARTH coins. ARTH is an absolute unit of measure that maintains the buying power of the token holder, irrespective of which direction the market moves and is backed by stable uncorrelated

We are adding the following pools:



We are super excited to partner with them and introduce ourselves to their community

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