CosmicSwap is now partnered with DFYN

1 min readJun 17, 2021

The CosmicSwap team is pleased to announce a partnership with DFYN.

The team has been hard at work behind the scenes since our launch on the polygon network a couple of days ago.

What is DFYN?
DFYN is a multi-chain DEX that allows investors to trade assets across multiple chains.
They also launched a gasless mode on their platform which allows users to trade tokens without paying gas fees.
Learn more about DFYN here:

What will the partnership entail?
CosmicSwap will provide DFYN/ETH and ROUTE pools on our platform. They too will add $COSMIC pools to their farm. The partnership also aims to cross-pollinate investors between the two communities, bringing new investors to each community as the aim is to grow both communities organically.

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