How to Participate in the CosmicSwap Presale 🌌

3 min readMay 10, 2021

The long-awaited CosmicSwap presale is at its final destination in the Cosmic Galaxy. Our presale is set for the 17th of May 2021 at 6 pm UTC. Write the date down so you don’t miss out. We will stop transactions at 7:30 pm UTC in preparation for the launch at 8 pm UTC. You can follow the countdown for the presale here.

We will be hosting the presale with our own audited smart contract. It’s very simple and much more elegant than using decentralized launchpads. The reputation that such launchpads have is not something we want to associate with. It will allow us to control unsold tokens (if there’s any) in such a way that we can use them for marketing, airdrops, limited-time events, and boosted pools, and much more.

So how can you participate in the most anticipated presale?

Step 1:
Make sure you are connected to Binance Smart Chain! If you’re not already connected to BSC, here is a guide on how to get set up!

Prior to presale start time, we will be muting our Telegram chat to prevent spam and fake presale links. So don’t worry if you can’t message in this group, you’re not banned, or being ignored, we will be there to walk you through what is happening the entire time.

Step 2:
Once you are given the presale contract address you can send the desired amount of BNB between 0.2 BNB (our minimum) and 7 BNB (our maximum). Any amount that is sent, greater than or less than, 0.2 BNB and 7 BNB, will be rejected by our smart contract and returned to your wallet.

  • When sending anywhere between 0.2–7 BNB ensure you are using adequate gas limits to ensure the transaction is approved.
  • We recommend using a 250,000 Gas Limit (if you use too much it may also fail).
  • The recommended gwei, 10, should be adequate for the presale.
  • Once the presale is full and has reached our max capacity of 800 BNB any transactions proceeding this will fail and the BNB will be returned to your wallet.

These are the measures we have in place to prevent bots. This will guarantee that our investors will be able to buy our token without bots interfering with the process and ruining the project.

Step 3:
Check to see if the transaction is confirmed or not on BSCscan. If the transaction approved you will be able to claim your COSMIC tokens when we enable the claim button on our platform.

  • If you send BNB after the hardcap is reached this is what will happen:
  • The claim button will be enabled once we add liquidity at 8 pm UTC. The tokens will be vested as per the vesting period mentioned in our documentation.


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