CosmicSwap is now exploring the stars with PolyDoge

CosmicSwap is happy to announce our collaboration with PolyDoge on the Polygon Network

PolyDoge is the first Dog token to launch on the Polygon Network. Here are some stats about PolyDoge:

  • Total supply is 1000000000000000 PolyDoge. No more can be minted.
  • At the start, of the supply (131,906,514,679,810 PolyDoge) was burned immediately. It was sent to this burner address.
  • First 20 members of the Telegram group were rewarded with an airdrop. The rest was all put on the market as liquidity.
  • Initial liquidity has been locked forever. LP tokens were burned.

CosmicSwap and PolyDoge collaborating will grant exposure to each respective communities. CosmicSwap will also provide farms on the platform when it goes live. The farms will be and

We look forward to entering the cosmos with our dog by our side! πŸŒŒπŸš€

Useful Links for PolyDoge:

Website: and

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