CosmicSwap going Retro with RetroDefi

CosmicSwap is partnering with RetroDefi to bring our investors new farms on our BSC app.

What is RetroDefi?
The Retro Defi Team is committed to supporting the core idea of DEFI, providing their users with an easy way to automatically grow their yields over time. Through RETRO automated compounding, everyone will have the opportunity to reap the benefits of their strategy, their smart contracts will compound your profits for you without the need of taking additional steps.

What will this partnership entail?
We will be adding the QBERT/COSMIC and QBERT farms to our platform which will add liquidity to the QBERT/COSMIC liquidity pair. RetroDefi will add the same liquidity pair while also adding the COSMIC pair to their farm. The farms will have boosted APRs and reduced fees.

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The Galaxy of Yield Farming.

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The Galaxy of Yield Farming.

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