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6 min readMay 3, 2021

Dr. NAUT, [03.05.21 16:07]
Q1: My first question for you, what is Cosmic swap all about? Give us a little summary

Azure, [03.05.21 16:09]
To put it simply, CosmicSwap is a yield farm and aggregator built on the BSC network. Unlike the many other farms, we are built with a purpose. We have a sustainability plan in place to ensure that we are a long-term solution. Here are some of the features that distinguish us from the crowd:

* A total supply of 205k, meaning that only half the tokens will be minted from farming.
* Presale vesting to ensure that investors funds are safe and prevent dumping.
* A v2 of the app with a new UI and game feature along with an aggregator to encourage long term holding.
* Exclusive limited time pools of tokens that are voted on by the community.
* Burning liquidity to prevent any FUD, along with locking our team tokens for 6 months and unlocking it at 1/6th every month after the 6 month period.
* Deflationary burning mechanising to ensure that for each transaction, there will be a burn and ultimately decrease the circulating supply.
* Plans to make farming cross-chain.
* And much more, if you want to learn more, visit our docs: or alternatively ask any question you may have on our telegram:

Dr. NAUT, [03.05.21 16:11]
The deflationary mechanism is for the native token ?

Dr. NAUT, [03.05.21 16:11]
Or will you have secondary token as well with this such as other platforms ect ?

Azure, [03.05.21 16:12]
The deflationary mechanise is for the native token and we have no plans on implementing a secondary token, The COSMIC tokens you have will be the one of the few to ever be created

Dr. NAUT, [03.05.21 16:12]
Awesome okay.

Dr. NAUT, [03.05.21 16:12]
Q2: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

Azure, [03.05.21 16:13]
Sure, We’re a team of 4 people, 2 developers, which are doxxed, their information can be found on, their entity number is 202105510443. They worked on multiple projects such as,, and to name a few. They’ve been involved in the crypto space for the last 3–4 years and know a thing or two on how to make the best project ever. The other member, Efeosa, is in charge of marketing and I’m in charge of managing the project. We’ve been working on this project for several weeks now and we’re super excited to showcase it to the world.

Dr. NAUT, [03.05.21 16:14]
Amazing this is great.

Dr. NAUT, [03.05.21 16:15]
Q3: What are some of your platform use cases?

Azure, [03.05.21 16:16]
We have a lot planned for the community and we’re super excited to be showcasing some of our confirmed use cases for the platform. We have designed our platform in a way that we are flexible enough to implement more features and use cases along the road. To keep it short, I will name just a few, if you have any questions about any of these use cases or need any clarifications, you can visit our docs: or alternatively join our telegram:

* Yield Farming: One of the initial main use cases will be farming the cosmic tokens and reaching the total supply.
* Voting/Governance: Voting will allow us to establish a governance and allow us to determine what should be implemented or removed from the platform. Exclusive pools can be voted on by the community, ADA pools?
* Cross-Chain Support: We are exploring the fantom chain, a new chain backed by Binance with over 500k transactions a day with a market cap of 1.5bil. To put it in perspective, ADA has 40k transactions a day with 60bil market cap and BNB has 7mil transactions with a 104bil market cap.
* Gamify Features: We will be implementing game features on the platform to incentivise the cosmic HODL and allow us to burn more cosmic and keep it stable.
* Initial Farm Offerings: We already have a few partnerships planned that will be available on our platform at launch. You can check out our medium article to keep up to date with all the partnerships and major news
* Launchpad Project: One of our long term goals is to implement a launchpad with our cosmic token, we have a lot of interest for IDOs on our platform and many projects that we can IDO so we will hope to combine both community interest and developer interest and create our very own launchpad.

Dr. NAUT, [03.05.21 16:18]
Awesome work ! Also forgive the no chat mute but if we did people couldn’t enter the TG

Dr. NAUT, [03.05.21 16:18]
Q4: Can you briefly describe the top milestones and some of the roadmap?

Azure, [03.05.21 16:19]
One of our top milestones at the moment is migrating to a cross-chain platform with the fantom chain, as outlined above, there is huge demand and an unexplored market for our project. We are planning on being the pancakeswap of the fantom chain and further introduce new investors to CosmicSwap and capture some market share of fantom. Also, the transaction cost is 0.0074 cent, basically nothing. We will be releasing new information on this before launch which will be announced on our Twitter, in case you want to stay tuned to what we have in store. If you missed out on pancakeswap when it was at below $1, you do not want to miss out on this.

Dr. NAUT, [03.05.21 16:20]
Interesting I didn’t know their fees are so low always good to explore new chains and interoperability

Dr. NAUT, [03.05.21 16:20]
Q5: Give us a small rundown on your marketing plan.

Azure, [03.05.21 16:22]
We’ve started off with a few rough patches with this project, at the start we thought it would be good to pay Twitter shillers to promote the project, however, one of the shillers we paid ended up flooding our telegram with bots. We didn’t want the community to built up of bots so we started kicking them out of the telegram. We are transparent with our community and we admit our mistakes. We have moved on from that and started growing our telegram organically. We started running airdrops, competitions and partnerships to generate some hype and attention around the project. So far we have partnered with 2 projects which are available on our medium, We have a few more partnerships we’re talking with at the moment. We will continue to release more competition and fun incentives for the community to stay engaged. We will promote it on Twitter, Reddit, DappRadar, Dapp and Telegram. We have a big marketing campaign launching before the presale which will grow our community and attract more investors. We are super excited and we hope you will join us on our telegram,

Dr. NAUT, [03.05.21 16:23]
Great 👍 yes we will also provide our advice regarding marketing you have the Dr on your side if the community plans to launch CosmicSwap

Dr. NAUT, [03.05.21 16:23]
Q6 (Extra): Tell us something interesting we don’t know about you or your platform.

Azure, [03.05.21 16:25]
Hmm, Good question, One thing that many people don’t know (unless you’ve read all of the docs) is that we are not greedy with our team tokens. In fact, we are willing to burn our own team tokens in order to improve the project and make the community happen. We’ve also locked our team tokens away for a long time, 6 months locked and unlocked at 1/6 a month after the 6 months. We believe in this project long term, that’s why we are willing to lock our tokens up for a long time.

Oh, also another thing that’s common in the DeFi space is locking your initial liquidity. We however have opted for THE MOST secure thing we can do our the initial liquidity lp tokens which will be to BURN them. The advantages of that are that with locked liquidity, there are still ways to trick the community and ways to avoid the lock period, on the other hand with burning liquidity, we are sending the lp tokens to 0x00..0dead which no one has access to and is lost FOREVER, aka burned.

Dr. NAUT, [03.05.21 16:26]
Very nice. Great 👍

Dr. NAUT, [03.05.21 16:26]
Small question I have before we begin the questions what is the gamification that you will add to the platform ?

Azure, [03.05.21 16:28]
There will be a few gamemodes planned, the first in development is the lottery system implemented by pancakeswap with plans of having the prediction system that pancakeswap implemented aswell along with a few other gamemodes that are currently in developement :)

Dr. NAUT, [03.05.21 16:28]
Sounds good.