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7 min readMay 31, 2021

The team over at AGA and our very own Azure did an AMA over on our telegram. Below you will be able to read more about what the team over at AGA have to offer, how the partnership will benefit with both partners and more!

Azure, 19:01
1. Could you please tell us a little about yourself and AGA

Tomasz Wojewoda, 19:02
Sure! AGA Token was started as a bitcoin mining company in 2017. We introduced our 1st tokens (“AGA” & AGAr”) on August 8, 2020. In short, AGA is Bitcoin mining on DeFi via AGA Token for Governance and AGAr for rewards.
Our company continues to grow with the philosophy of working with our token holders and investors to all be profitable. I have 20 year background in work at High Tech companies like Microsoft.

Azure, 19:03
Wow amazing.

Azure, 19:03
2. Tell us about the Bitcoin mining side of the house

Tomasz Wojewoda, 19:04
We got into bitcoin mining in 2017. There’s also some Ethereum mining as well, but the focus is on Bitcoin. Our miners are in 3 US states. We are working with the energy providers to ensure the cleanest energy is used to mine bitcoin. As you know, there’s a lot of internet talk about how much energy bitcoin mining uses.

Tomasz Wojewoda, [31.05.21 19:04
Bitcoin mining generates about $150K per month and helps fund other projects, partnerships, investments as well as the rewards you get. LIKE THE PARTNERSHIP WITH COSMIC!

Obviously, there is more mining profit when Bitcoin is $60,000 than when Bitcoin is $35,000. But our operation still remains profitable. Above $30,000 we’re having fun. Technically anything above $10,000 is profitable for us.

Azure, 19:05
That’s a lot of money 🤑🤑

Tomasz Wojewoda, 19:06
And we re-invest all of it!

Azure, 19:06
3. You mentioned AGA and AGAr before, What’s the difference between AGA & AGAr.

Tomasz Wojewoda, 19:07
The AGA token is AGA’s native token with a total supply of 6,000,000 tokens. You can add liquidity to AGA pools on PancakeSwap and COSMIC and earn rewards. (ETH and Polygon are also supported.)

Tomasz Wojewoda, 19:07
On the other hand AGAr is a derivative of AGA. While AGA Token is mining backed yield farming and staking; AGAr is a VIP Status token that doubles AGA Liquidity Provider Bonus Rewards. By liquidity pooling AGA and AGAr, Liquidity Providers will earn additional AGA Bonus Rewards. Like Platinum or Diamond status with a Hotel or an Airline, AGAr is difficult to earn and very limited in supply. Only 15,988 AGAr will ever exist.

Azure, 19:09
4. There’s surely a lot of decision you have to make behind the scenes, Do you have a governance board and how is it run?

Tomasz Wojewoda, 19:10
Yes, If you hold 10,000 AGA you are automatically part of our Governance Board that decides our Reward Rates and how many tokens we buy-back!!! The beauty of our governance process is that all decisions are voted on by people, not an algorithm.
We use private Discord channel. So, if you have 10,000 AGA or 5000 in LP — please reach out, and you will be added to our private server.

Azure, 19:11
5. We’ve got a big community all interested in the utility of your token, Why should our users invest in AGA?

Tomasz Wojewoda, 19:11
OK, yes. Bear with me, this will require some typing… 🙂

Tomasz Wojewoda, 19:12
You benefit from exponential price appreciation when Bitcoin value increases. Additionally, when we’re in a bear market, we seek to outperform the market with our investments in new blockchain projects, Liquidity pools and staking.

We also continue to generate a steady revenue stream thanks to our mining operation, and that operation keeps growing. We are constantly seeking new and exciting investment opportunities for our community, whether that’s investing in pre-launch tokens or finding new AMM platforms that can offer high growth and returns for our community. So far, it’s been going very well…

Tomasz Wojewoda, 19:13
When we launched on QuickSwap their token was valued at $160, right now it’s almost $800 and during that time our investors have been able to earn 100%+ APR on AGA/AGAr for months. So the passive income opportunity is massive.

Tomasz Wojewoda, 19:13
We also allow the smaller investor to have the opportunity to benefit from new launchpad projects that can often 10x or even 100x and allow them to have access to a diverse portfolio of high growth opportunities. We plan to expand this side of our operation in the year ahead.

Tomasz Wojewoda, 19:14
We are participating in approximately 1 launchapd project per week.

Tomasz Wojewoda, 19:14
I hope this helps to paint the picture!

Azure, 19:14
wow so will AGA serve as your ticket to enter into those launchpads?

Tomasz Wojewoda, [31.05.21 19:15
EXACTLY, without all the hassle.

Tomasz Wojewoda, 19:15
So Mining+Yield Farming+Launchpads/IDOs=AGA and AGAr

Azure, 19:15
6. What are the major milestones AGA has achieved so far and what can we expect from you guys in the future?

Tomasz Wojewoda, 19:16
In less than a year we have grown from generating $2,000 per month to over $200,000 per month in revenue (Mining+Yield farming+IDOs). This income stream provides us with a foundation to build upon:

We will continue to grow our mining business and expand into yield farming, and participate in launchpad projects, as we mentioned before.

In terms of the future, we’re getting very excited about it. We have a couple of very exciting projects coming up in the next few weeks. You’ll be seeing a lot more of AGA in your news sources if all goes well.

Azure, 19:18
7. Very ambitious and I would like to go down that path and ask a few more questions about them. What’s your vision for making AGA multi-blockchain?

Tomasz Wojewoda, 19:18
AGA is on the way. We know it is important. AGA is now on Ethereum, Polygon and the Binance SmartChain. People definitely have their preferred blockchains, so we are giving you options. We continue to explore others as well, such as Solana and Avalanche!

Azure, 19:19
8. How does $AGA keep its token always deflationary? What are the decentralized protocols that prevent the depreciation of this token and provide support and shelter for users seeking this type of financial model?

Tomasz Wojewoda, 19:20
Yes, this is an important question when you can earn 10,000% APR in other tokens! Sounds fun until you realize the inflation. We mine Bitcoin, and we use the proceeds to buy AGA.
Our next buy-back is scheduled for June 27th, and we expect it to remove a large portion of AGA from the market. You can actually see the amount on our web site!

Tomasz Wojewoda, 19:20
I cannot wait to see how the market reacts.

Azure, 19:21
9. Are there any plans for staking AGA, not only providing a liquidity pool?

Tomasz Wojewoda, 19:22
Yes, I am happy to announce that we’ll be bringing AGA and AGAr staking to the CosmicSwap platform in the next few weeks! For which I am very thank full for to the amazing team of devs at CosmicSwap!

Azure, 19:23
10. There’s still 7 more months, What’s the AGA roadmap for the remainder of this year?

Tomasz Wojewoda, 19:24
We just completed the Binance Smart Chain launch which enabled us to partner with CosmicSwap.

In addition, there’s going to be a big focus on green mining and you’ll see AGA tokens on big exchanges before the end of the year.

Also want to mention GROWTH. GROWTH is the priority for AGA Token in all areas,more exchanges, more miners, more token holders, more community engagement, more partnerships, more more more. This is why AGA continues to grow.

Azure, 19:25
Amazing, I love to see long term projects

Azure, 19:25
11. Can you talk about your sustainability philosophy regarding Bitcoin mining? There’s been a lot of publicity on the subject lately, and AGA has said that it has a goal of being sustainable by 2025. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Tomasz Wojewoda, 19:26
So right now, a percentage of our energy solution comes from renewable sources, but we want to be better.

In the past few weeks we’ve been working with some of the top companies in green solutions to find the best way to implement our vision.

In fact, we’re going to be moving our timeline up significantly and have some really exciting news to share in the upcoming weeks.

Azure, 19:27
Wow very exciting, I’m excited

Azure, 19:27
12. This wraps- up the formal Q&A portion of this AMA. Before we conclude, I think there are many in the community who would love to join the AGA community and stay up to date with all the news. What’s the best way to keep in touch?

Tomasz Wojewoda, 19:28
Revenue/buyback/reward details are available on our web-site.

Our twitter allows you to stay current with major announcements. Help is always available via email ‘’ and we have active telegram & discord channels.

Tomasz Wojewoda, 19:28
Our web site is

Local presence is also important to us and to help meet that need we have Spanish (telegram/twitter), Chinese (wechat), Russian (telegram), Japanese (telegram), Korean (KakaoTalk) AGA communities available.

Azure, 19:29
Alright so that wraps our AMA

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